Pineapple Fried Rice


Pineapple Fried Rice is a cross culture blend of the chinese Hokkien dialect and Thai cuisine. A unique dish served in a pineapple bowl. We don’t actually know if you can find this dish in Thailand but we have had it in Singapore.

It was our turn to cook a Asian inspired meal for the international cook-off organised by the college but couldn’t find a specific Singaporean dish to cook since we don’t have the things we need. Also, since the spring term in ending in a week’s time and we are heading back home to Singapore, we didn’t want to buy anything we don’t use in future.Β Β The international cook-off was basically an event organised weekly to showcase cuisines from different countries. We have had Indian, Russian, Greek food and etc. Anyways, here was our three course meal for the international cook-off (we cooked dishes from different countries in Asia).

Everyone has a ball of a time eating and chatting about different cultures πŸ™‚ This dish is usually cooked with prawns but we had a friend who has an allergy to shellfish hence we had to use chicken instead.

If you want to serve your dish in a pineapple bowl like us, just core the pineapple slowly by cutting from hole in the middle after you have halved the pineapple.

2cups uncooked rice
1cup water
1cup pineapple juice
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 large pineapple, diced
3 chicken breast, diced
5 bunch of spring onions, chopped
3 large red chillies, chopped
6 garlic cloves, minced
4 TBS vegetable oil
1.5 TBS soy sauce
1.5 TBS fish sauce
0.5 tsp salt
roasted cashew nuts


  1. In a rice cooker, add the rice with the water,pineapple juice and turmeric. Leave to cook.
  2. In a saucepan with 1 TBS vegetable oil, stir fry the chicken. Add a pinch of salt and white pepper powder. Set aside.
  3. Using the remaining vegetable, saute the garlic until fragrant then add in the spring onions and red chillies, stir fry for a couple of minutes.
  4. Add in the rice and chicken, stir fry it for a couple of minutes before adding in all the seasoning.
  5. Adjust taste according to your liking.



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