Yorkshire Lavender



It’s the exam period so just a quick post!!!

We were so stressed with completing assignments and studying for our exams (in 1.5 weeks time) that we decided that we should take a day’s break. So with that in mind, we rented a car from citycarclub.uk  (more on that later), drove 15miles to the Yorkshire Lavender. The trip there definitely helped us relax and calm ourselves for the exams.

Such a disappointment that it wasn’t blooming season for the lavenders. But there we other flowers and the garden features to look at. There is a nice tearoom there as well which specialises in lavender desserts!!! We obviously had to try some. Our favourite was the lavender ice cream. They do serve normal food for lunch as well.

We’ll definitely make another trip there when the lavenders bloom!!!

Find out more about Yorkshire Lavender here.

IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_1982 IMG_1980 IMG_1979 IMG_1978  IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1974 IMG_1966 IMG_1975 IMG_1967  IMG_1965 IMG_1964

About citycarclub (Click to find out more):

We got to know about citycarclub from out UK squash coach. What we think is amazing about being a member here is that we can rent cars anytime we want as long as one is available. Rentals are charge per hour or by day depending on your usage. Should there be a need to top up fuel, there is a card in the car that charges the fees to the company and you will only be charged for the mileage driven. Have to double check when is payment made though. Can’t remember if it was a monthly debit deduction.

It’s great for students who can’t afford to buy a car. Although we did contemplate about buying a car here, we don’t drive out often which means paying money for something that just sits in the driveway. With citycarclub, we would also be free from road tax, maintenance fee and etc.



…………. since we were so into yoga, couldn’t resist trying to do a headstand there!!!
IMG_1972 IMG_1971


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