Chocolate Macarons (French Meringue)



Been a long time since we made macarons . The last time I (Angelina) baked this little sweet delights was when I started dating my fiance . That was 2.5 years ago!! No doubt my fiance was dropping hints to make them before we(Ashley & Angelina) went back to Singapore. So when this Easter Holiday, we made it a point to set aside a day to bake these. Chocolate is our all time favourite flavour !!!

Here’s how we made it !!


For the macaron shell:
160g Almond meal
15g Chocolate Powder
160g icing sugar
140g egg whites (aged 3 days)
180g caster sugar

For the filling:
200g chocolate ( we used valhorna)
100g double cream

Instructions for macaron shells:

  1.  Sift the almond meal, chocolate powder and icing sugar together in a bowl.
  2. In a separate mixing, place the egg whites and whisk until all liquid is gone. Add in 90g of caster sugar slowly. Beat until stiff peak then add the next 90g of caster sugar. Beat until very stiff peak.
  3. Fold the egg white mixture (in 1/3 batches) into the almond meal, chocolate powder and icing sugar until the mixture is liquid. (Do not over mix – we did about 40 folds )
  4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and transfer your macaron mixture into a piping bag. Pipe your desired size of circles on the parchment paper and let rest for 30mins. (Best in an aircon room in our lovely humid weather)
  5. Once the shell in formed, bake in the oven at 150°C for 12mins.

Instructions for the filling:

  1. Heat the double cream in a pot until it boils slightly.
  2. Pour the hot cream into the chocolate and stir.
  3. Let the chocolate set for a while in the fridge.
  4. Transfer your chocolate into a piping bag.
  5. Fill the macarons after it has cooled down.

Before baking

After baking (So happy to see feets!!!)

Final product!!




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