Welcome to York !! This is a  beautiful town we will call home for 4 years while embarking our undergraduate studies here at the University of York.

What we like most about York is the absence of skyscrapers and modern architecture. A town filled with a rich history of Roman and Jovik influence. The first thing you will notice about York is the castle walls that surround the city center (It is one of the best preserved castle wall you can find in the UK!! you can even walk on walls!!). Till this day, York retains its historic architecture and streets allowing us to experience the English way of life. We love the cobble stone street called Shambles (Which was also the inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter Series).

Did you know that York is also the home of Nestle?? The largest Nestle factory is actually situated here!! There are also famous confectionery companies like Rowntree which was famous for sending British Soldiers boxes of chocolates during the second world war. This inspired the play Blood and Chocolate which tells the story and history of the City and how it was for the people living during that period.

This page is dedicated to our experiences and adventures in York.

Streets of York

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IMG_1976         20140312_140924          Choco9
Yorkshire Lavender                           York Minister                            York Chocolate Story


Star Inn the City


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