Star Inn the City


A newly opened classy glasshouse restaurant situated in the York Museum Gardens, the Star Inn the City offers both indoor and outdoor dining experience for its guests. The interior setting is a blend of classic, modern English and Medieval ambiance while the exterior has a pub-like setting along the River Ouse. They also have a private sitting room on the second level designed with grandeur and elegance.

Star Inn the City focuses on local Yorkshire produce and brings food from the countryside conveniently to the city of York.

Photo Credits: Star Inn the City


As always, we were focused on the dessert menu. Since we had 4 people on this high tea date, we ordered 4 different  desserts. (We couldn’t resist ordering a side-dish as well the beer battered onion rings !!! It was a tad too oily but it tasted great nonetheless with a very nice crisp). 

The desserts were not only delectable but beautifully presented. All we could say was we would definitely be back again!! The taste made up for the lack of choices in the menu(Only 6 minus ice cream of the day). Average price of the desserts were £7.50.

Harome Honey and Blood Orange Fool with Pistachio Ice Cream, Baked Cats Tongue
This was actually Ashley’s favourite dessert on the menu because it was so refreshing especially when it was sunny outside.

Banana Bread & Butter Pudding with ‘Pontefract’ Cake Ice Cream
We felt the most unique thing about this dessert was the ‘pontefract’ ice cream. It was an entirely new flavour and tasted like licorice. Surprisingly good and well balanced with the cinnamon sugar added on the side.

Ginger Parkin with Rhubarb Ripple  Ice Cream, Hot spiced Syrup
The Ginger Parkin has a similar texture to sticky toffee pudding and the Rhubarb gave the entire dessert a tangy flavour.

‘Museum Gardener’s Dark Chocolate & Rosemary Pot, Chocolate ‘Soil’, Basil Ice Cream
New Ice Cream flavour here too!! Basil Ice Cream. We were concerned that the Basil would have a strong taste but our doubts were diminished after tasting the dish. The Basil ice cream was light was a good blend with the chocolate ‘soil’.

Looking forward to try their breakfast menu and main courses when we visit next time!!



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