Day Trip : Goathland

Day Trip: Goathland 2014

Day Trip: Goathland 2014

We have been looking forward to this trip since the start of the Spring term!!!

Goathland in a village situated in the North York Moors National Park. It is best know for the filming location for the 1960s television series “Heartbeat”. Also Goathland Station is the filming location of Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter Movies!!! (No one in the group knew this fact because we were the only ones who walked to the station to take pictures!!)

The main attraction of this trip is actually a 7 mile (approx 11km) countryside walking through the moors, woodlands , farmway , gorge etc. We even walked through an area where the sheep were grazing. You will be in awe of the vast open endless countryside. The entire group of 40 people took about 4 hours to complete the walk. It is a new and good experience for those who have never done countryside walking before. Be prepared to get your shoes and pants dirty as it will be a muddy walk!! Check out what tips we have for the trip below.

Here’s the beautiful Goathland countryside walk :
20140301_104451 20140301_104602 20140301_104744 20140301_104812  20140301_114748 20140301_115656 20140301_120213 20140301_120712 20140301_121134 20140301_122508 20140301_130808 20140301_130849 20140301_143126

Goathland Station : Also known as Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter Movies20140301_151304 20140301_151334

Goathland Village

20140301_152116  20140301_153750

Ice Cream treat after the walk 🙂 Refreshing !!! (Rhuburb Crumble and Banoffee)20140301_152810

This trip was planned by the university. Here’s how you can get there!!
Getting there:
Car — (about an hour’s drive from York)
Bus — operated by Yorkshire Coastliner
Train — Take the national rail to Pickering than take the steam operated North York Moors Railway stop at Goathland Station.


  1. If you are getting there by public transport, we suggest that you stay a night in Goathland before heading home. B&Bs are a good and cheap accommodation. If you drive, there is a carpark where you can park your vehicles.
  2. Plan your walks before heading out since some areas of the walks are not paved.
  3. Wear proper shoes for the walk. It will be better to have waterproof shoes since the walk will be muddy. You can bring another pair of shoes to change into after the walk.
  4. Bring snacks to eat along the way.

Here’s the route we took:



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