Having 2 daughters studying in the UK was a great excuse for our family to travel. It was our first Christmas holiday since Uni started and my family flew over to Europe to celebrate the festive season with us. They were here on a 2 week holiday.

First Destination : Paris

Dubbed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris to us was a city that exudes class and elegance. The beautiful capital city rich in history, architecture and of course the oh so scrumptious french pastries.

We stayed at the Marriott’s Village d’lle-de-France which is near Disneyland Paris (We know sounds expensive but it was cheaper to stay in a villa for family of 7). Not the most convenient location, the hotel is far from Paris City but near the outlet mall (La Vallee Village).  It took us about 1.5hrs to get to Paris city by metro. The villa we stayed at had a fully equipped kitchen so we bought groceries from the nearby supermarket and settled our own meals.

What it lack in convenience, the hotel made it up with good service and beautiful scenery. The lake view that greet us every morning from the villa was beautiful.

My mum actually booked us on a tour bus around Paris but we ended up taking the metro everywhere since it was easy.

Here are the places we visited whilst in Paris.
Notre Dame

River Seine



Arc de Triomphe


Eiffel Tower


Lourve Museum

Palace of Versailles
(Reminds Angelina of her history lessons back in secondary school). The Palace was beautiful but it was so hard to capture the beauty with so many tourist around. Plus the sun wasn’t out and we only used a handphone camera to take pictures.


20121219_154700  hall of mirrors


Not forgetting Laudree Macarons !!! (We didnt have a chance to buy macarons from Pierre Herme 😦 )

Of all these places, our favourite was the Christmas Market along the entire stretch of Champs-Elysees.

We would definitely visit France again!!! Hopefully another part of  France 🙂



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