Day Trip: Yorkshire Dales


Having lived in the city island of Singapore for so long, we yearned for the countryside when we arrived in the UK(We’re thankful we aren’t studying in London!!). It’s noticeable from our posts that we like going into the countryside no matter which country we visit. Going trekking in the Yorkshire Dales sums up the beauty of the vast open countryside.

Famous for the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge where participants would have to scale 3 main peaks in the Yorkshire Dales in less than 12 hrs. On this trip, it was a leisure trek to just one of the three peaks(Better not to be too ambitious since we aren’t used to mountainous terrains).  It was really an amazing trek!! Being in nature really just puts us in awe. Now our squash coach is challenging us to complete all 3 peaks (We shall think about that)!!

Getting there:
We took a train from York to Horton-in-Riddlesdale where we started the trek from. Alternatively, you could rent car and drive down to Horton-in-Riddlesdale. A whole day parking cost £4.







At the summit!!!



One thought on “Day Trip: Yorkshire Dales

  1. What a coincidence I met you all walking up Pen Y Ghent that day.
    You posted this just a few days before my post. I have a distant photograph of your group nearing the summit.

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