We honestly never dreamt that we would have the chance to travel to Iceland. Living in Singapore, that thought was always far-fetched. Had we not had the chance to study in the UK, we probably would never go to Iceland at all!! So when our friends proposed a trip to Iceland, we couldn’t be more excited!! Since we both love nature, Iceland was the perfect holiday for us!!

The flight there was pretty smooth with WOW air. We have to mention their onboard safety briefing was entertaining (the drop down oxygen mask was called a yellow cupcake thingy) haha!! It took approximately 3hrs from London Gatwick to Keflavik International Airport then another hour or so coach ride to the capital, Reykjavik. We stayed at Hotel Cabin for the entire duration. The hotel’s website has links for airport transfers (approx S$48 return) from 2 tour main operators. Rooms in Hotel Cabin was small (Literally a cabin size) but when you step outside the view was spectacular!!

20130319_104749 view to the right

20130319_104820 view to the left

We were only in Iceland for 4 days but we managed to cover most of the touristy attractions. The tour agency we used was Reykjavik Excursions. Tour guide was good and knowledgeable ( a viking descendant too !! Couldn’t pronounce his name for nuts!!)

Our itinerary:
Day 1 : Arrive at hotel. Northern Lights at night
Day2: Blue Lagoon
Day3: Golden Circle Tour
Day4 : Back to London

Northern Lights: Pretty much based on luck. It wasn’t strong the night we went so the aurora lights looked more like clouds in the night sky. Not dancing lights as we would have imagined. The camera is what makes it green.  Disappointed as we expected so much!! Maybe we could try again next time.

Blue Lagoon: Cost us S$60 just to enter but you can soak and enjoy the 40°C geothermal spring water for as long as you like and have a mineral facial!! We stayed there the entire day.  20130319_160314

Golden Circle Tour : Nature lovers would adore this tour!! We literally spent the whole day travelling. Seeing natural geysers, iceland’s famous Gullfoss Waterfall(was half frozen because of the cold) and largest fresh water lake. We shall just like the pictures do the talking.

Gullfoss Waterfall

Icelandic Horse


Volcanic Crater

Iceland’s largest fresh water lake



The good thing was we could have a hearty breakfast every morning since the hotel provided a breakfast buffet 😀 We settled most of our dinner in nearby cafes and would bring along pre-made sandwiches for lunch (Shopped at the local supermarket and we were shocked to see frozen sheep’s head in the freezer section).On our last night, we decided to head down to town and have traditional Icelandic food. On the menu was mink whale meat!!!
20130319_194442 20130319_20141820130319_20004220130319_201155

Here is the address to the restaurant we went to.



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