Day Trip: Whitby


Our first day trip in UK !!!
Whitby is a small seaside town located in the North Yorkshire County. We followed the college arranged tour there so we can’t show you how to get there. Famous for the association with the novel Dracula (They have a couple of Dracula related haunted houses) and Whitby Abbey. Since it is seaside town, we had to have an English Fish and Chip. Every town has its own famous fish and chip store and the famous one in Whitby is the Magpie’s Cafe.

Whitby Abbey:
Whitby Abbey

Cliff Side:

Whitby Whale Bone Arch: Donated by Alaska


Whitby 199 steps (Church Steps). Because it takes 199 steps to reach the top where the church is. We were fortunate to witness Remembrance Day at the Church when we reached the top.
199 steps whitby
199 steps withby

Around town:




Fish and Chip: Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try the famous Fish and Chips from Magpie’s Cafe (There was an extremely long queue at lunch hour).  Still we had our very first taste of the English Fish and Chip from a store nearby. We were intrigued that the English had their fish and chips with salt and vinegar. Once we had out first bite, we knew that whenever we have fish and chips in future, it has got to have a large serving of vinegar as well!!
20121111_131202 20121111_131525



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